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When you are facing a divorce, talk to a divorce attorney who listens.

If you are contemplating a divorce, there can be a lot of people willing to share their advice and stories of other divorces. Be aware, though, that your divorce is unique. Your case is different from anyone else's. You need a lawyer who understands that and who can explain how the law affects you and your family.

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Before you make any decisions with regard to your divorce, make sure you understand the law, your options, your obligations and your rights.

At Helms Robison & Lee, an initial, one-hour consultation with a family law attorney is $200/$300.

In North Carolina, you and your spouse must live separately and apart for one year before a divorce will be granted. You need to keep track of specific details about your separation. When did it begin? Where did you each live? Make sure you meet the legal requirements.

Do not move out of the house without consulting a lawyer. Moving out could jeopardize your future interests in such issues as child custody (will your spouse charge that you deserted the children?) and alimony. If, however, your safety is at risk because of physical violence, move out quickly and then talk to a lawyer.

Do you need a separation agreement? A separation agreement can define rights and obligations for the duration of the separation.

Is domestic violence involved in your divorce? If you have been served with a restraining order, whether or not you feel you are guilty, talk to a lawyer. If you need a restraining order to assure your safety, an attorney can help you with the process.

Please review our Family Law Information Center.

When you need an attorney in Union County, you can trust the experience and long tradition of service at the Helms Robison & Lee law firm. Contact us for a consultation.

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